About Us

The Houston Men’s Choir started in 2014 with the hope of becoming the first professional men’s choir in Houston. We wanted to be the first ensemble of our kind in the city of Houston. We are comprised of mostly choir directors from the greater Houston area who are without a conductor by design. We feel this structure provides more artistic input from all singers and gives everyone a voice in the ensemble.

Mission Statement

The Houston Men’s Choir is committed to the art of singing and its positive impact through performance and education.


Klint Jordan, David Lee and Jake Taylor came up with the idea for the group at Region 23’s Region Auditions. The group officially formed in 2014 with just eight people — Bradley Acree, Kent Doerries, Klint Jordan, David Lee, Brian Miller, Nick Likos, JR Smith, and Jake Taylor. We secretly called ourselves the Houston Ocho! After much deliberation, we officially called ourselves the Houston Men’s Choir after a rehearsal at Houston’s First Baptist Church.

Photo after the first official Houston Men’s Choir concert in May of 2015.

Photo after the first official Houston Men’s Choir concert in May of 2015.

The first concert was a soft opening held at Holy Covenant Church. It was a combined Region camp and concert. We expanded to twelve singers for our first official concert in the Spring of 2015 at Zion Lutheran Church. Most of the rehearsals for the first season were held at Nick Likos' house. After the first season, we expanded to sixteen singers because we felt more men’s repertoire would be open to a larger ensemble. There is a difficult balance that has to be struck in a conductor-less ensemble. We feel sixteen singers strikes that balance perfectly!

Our first album recording is scheduled to be released to the public in the fall of 2018. The album has been a long time coming, and we are excited to see the growth of this ensemble in the coming years! Special thanks to all of the singers who have sung with the Houston Men’s Choir!

Houston Men’s Choir Roster History


  • Bradley Acree

  • Justin Bair

  • Derrick Bready

  • Alex Bruce

  • Sean Jackson

  • Brian Kay

  • David Lee

  • Bobby Miles

  • Chaz Robilotto

  • J.R. Smith

  • Kevin Smith

  • Howard Solis

  • Jake Taylor

  • Aaron Vierkant


  • Jake Averitt

  • Greg Brigham

  • Cameron Carnley

  • Kent Doerries

  • Austin Hart

  • Klint Jordan

  • Evan Key

  • Jordan Koenig

  • Alex Lathrom

  • Nick Likos

  • Brian Miller

  • Greg Moore

  • Terry Morris

  • Casey Parrish

  • Jeff Van Hal

  • Brady Weldon